Lesson Program

kelly simpson riding coach floridaWe specialize in training Hunter/Jumper but put a strong emphasize on Dressage. Our lessons are one hour in length and can include up to 10 riders. Private, semi-private and small group lessons are available in limited quantities starting at $75. Email admin@kennedygrovestables.com for more information about private lessons.

We offer lessons in packages of 8 at a reduced rate or individual lessons. Before buying your first package we will offer a maximum of 4 private introductory lessons for purchase to evaluate your skills and/or teach the basics of horsemanship. After those lessons, it is expected that you join a group lesson. Find out about our lesson packages.

Recommended Lesson Attire

Set yourself up for success with the correct attire. Please follow this dress code as a guideline for appropriate lesson attire:

  • Paddock boots, with or without half or full chaps, or field boots (or at minimum boots with at least a half-inch heel).
  • Jodhpurs or breeches (or at minimum fitted legging type pants or jeans). No Shorts or dresses/skirts when riding.
  • Polo shirts or T-Shirts or appropriate sleeveless shirts.
  • All students must wear a safety approved ASTM riding helmet (we have a selection available to borrow for lessons, but it is recommended that each student has their own).
  • Please ensure hair is either in a braid or braids, pony tail or tucked up in the helmet. Hair nets are recommended for ages 12+ (if medium/longer hair) please ask how to correctly use a hair net with a riding helmet.
  • Gloves are recommended.